What should temporary resident visa (TRV) applicants know before they apply? From June 3 to 30, 2019, Canada launched an information campaign in India to persuade more people to apply for a TRV online, to educate applicants on fraudulent immigration agents and to discourage individuals who have been refused from applying again. This information helps applicants save time and money and allows them to protect themselves against fraud. These tips are useful to anyone who wants to visit, study or work in Canada.


Apply online

Did you know that applicants do not need to use an immigration agent to apply for a TRV? All the forms and instructions applicants need can be found online for free. If applicants follow the instructions, they should be able to fill out the forms and submit them without the help of a representative. If an applicant does need help, they can have a trusted family member or friend apply online for them by appointing the family member or friend as an unpaid representative. Whether the applicant is applying online or in person, the application fee is always CAN$100, which is much less expensive than hiring an agent.

Use an authorized immigration agent (consultant lawyer or Quebec notary)

If an applicant chooses to hire an immigration agent, they need to make sure the agent is authorized in Canada. They can check online to find out if their agent is authorized. No immigration agent can guarantee that a visa application will be accepted. This video shows applicants how they can protect themselves against fraud.

Think twice before reapplying

If an application has been refused, the applicant should think twice before they reapply. Applicants may reapply only if they can address why the original application was refused and show how their previous circumstances have changed. Trying to reapply with the same information, with or without an immigration agent, does not change the original decision made. It only costs more money, and the application will likely be refused again.

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