Labour Market Impact Assessment

A Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) is a document that an employer in Canada may need to get before hiring a foreign worker. In order to obtain a LMIA, the employers must advertise the position for at least 4 weeks and interview eligible candidates who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents. Only then, and only if the business can prove that those interviewees did not meet the job description, may the Canadian employer be authorized to hire a foreign worker. The worker must get a Canadian work permit, supported by the LMIA, before starting work in Canada.


British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program

The British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC-PNP) is an immigration program that allows wide range of workers, graduates, and entrepreneurs to be able to settle in British Columbia permanently. It is one of the most varied of all the PNPs, with two pathways for workers and graduates — Express Entry BC and Skills Immigration — plus an additional stream for entrepreneurs.


Express Entry

Express Entry is an application management system used by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). The IRCC is used to conduct and process applications received from Canada’s federal economic immigration programs for skilled workers. This competitive immigration system uses all information from qualified candidates and ranks them from worst to best. Only then, the system only invites the best ranking candidates to apply for Canadian permanent resident status.




Si-Won (始原) Immigration Management is a trusted and experienced Canadian consulting firm located in Downtown Vancouver. We provide comprehensive immigration advice and assistance in Canadian immigration. We bring effective results and value to applications for Visitor VisaWork PermitStudy PermitPermanent Residence and Citizenship.

To avoid false hopes and unnecessary cost, we give you honest evaluation and inspect the specifics require by each case. You will fully understand your true chance of immigrating to Canada before starting any immigration process. Don’t worry if you are not qualified to immigrant to Canada. There are different ways to enhance your opportunity to become eligible for one of the Canadian immigration programs. Our job is to provide clients from different backgrounds and situations effective solution to achieve their Canadian dream. We believe our incomparable service quality can guide you through Canadian immigration program that suites the best to each situation.

Our consultants are RCICs (Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants). They are authorized by ICCRC (Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council). By law all consultants are required to register with the ICCRC. You don’t want a “ghost consultant” to handle your important immigration documents. You are more than welcome to ask us to show you the license of the person who is going to become your consultant before you decide to use our service.



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